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Broken Vows: Will I Have to Sue Myself for Breech of Promise?

I vowed I wouldn't set foot in my place of work for the two weeks I was on holidays. I promised. "Solemn oath?" I asked myself, giving myself that puppy-dog look. "Of course," I reassured me, caving in to the pleading look in my eyes.

So here I am, sitting at my desk, relieved to know that my key still works in the door and I will apparently be invited to resume my employment when my holidays are done. They've cleaned the carpet, built this nice little shelf above my desk, and they didn't take down my Star Trek Voyager poster. All good signs. And my cellphone, which I conveniently left at work when I went home a week and a half ago, is now safely in my pocket. Yes, it's a wonderful life. Twenty minutes and I'm outta here.

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