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Bruce, Caroline

The Subway People Amaze Me

Subway for supper. Or at least it would be. But we get there, and they don't have bread! Isn't that kind of like a McDonald's with no grease?


Lol! Hugs!
or like burger king with no burgers. the one near me this summer didn't have burgers one day, and i was upset. all i wanted was a whopper!!!
A friennd of mine likes her hamburgers plain: just the dead cow and the bun. So she goes into a McDonald's and asks for a plain burger. She gets it home, opens the package, and all they gave her was a bun! She was not amused.
They didn't have any bread? That's definitely ironic, lol.
You of all people would know that. They finally got some bread, as it happens, and I had the most delicious turkey breast sub in history.
I'm really sorry that they ran out of bread buddy. I'm glad that they did finally get some bread and you were able to have a happy turkey sandwich.
Every so often we run out of bread and I have to tell a customer that we don't have it at the moment. But once it's noticed that we are missing a certain bread more is made. Woot!
Dang! Why didn't they just close the shop then That's bad! :) A subway with no bread? :) Yeah!
And would you believe this is the second time it's happened? It's as though these guys are looking for an excuse to go out of business.
This often happens to me. I've been to Tim Horton's more than a few times when they didn't have hot chocolate/smoothies/yogurt/chicken for a sandwich. I often wonder the manager doesn't order any when he's down to a low-count.

My latest encounter with this type of incompetence was when I went to McDonalds two weeks ago, ordered a hot chocolate to go (I was driving) and they didn't have lids. Everyone walking out had no lids on their coffee cups. If I spilled it on me (it was VERY hot), I could have sued them for a lot of money. Sheesh.