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Bruce, Caroline

Tuesday Morning

Winnipeg on a Tuesday morning,
I sit here and sip a Coke,
"Work starts soon," myself I'm warning,
"Better do it, so you're not broke!"

Allison a cold is getting,
But she must still sing today,
Nonetheless, though, I am betting,
She'll stil sing great, 'cause she's that way.

This book I'm reading is a bore
Canadian government explained,
Like the Gov. it makes me snore,
I wish I could from it refrain.

My volunteer has just shown up,
And so for now I must desist,
I'm running out of rhymes right now,
So I suppose it's just as well.


*wild applause*
you always find a way to take what would be a pretty standard entry and make it entertaining!
Aw! Hugs!


"myself I'm warning" was my favorite part. That was a great poem. I didn't think passive voice could sound so good.