Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

My Nemeth Braille Course

My Nemeth Braille Course

Parody of My Grandfather's Clock

NOTE TO THE UNINITIATED: The Nemeth Braille Code is a way of representing mathematical symbols and formatting in Braille. From a reader's perspective, Nemeth is a beautiful thing, very brilliantly designed and thought-out. From my perspective, it is a nightmare.

My Nemeth Braille Course stood four years on the shelf,
And I'd hoped on the shelf it would stay.
And I knew I would do anything to avoid
Getting to it again some sad day.

It is evil and vile,
and it fills my mouth with bile,
If I could I would tear it to shreds,
But it's no good,
Certified I must get
And I must start now.

Oh I know every line
In this song doesn't rhyme,
But you get what you pay for, I guess.
I could spend lots of time
Making rhymes come out fine,
But I'd rather just leav it a mess.

I'd be doing things wrong
If I doddled with this song,
I should start on that Nemeth Braille Course,
Dripping you'll hear,
Each drop is a tear,
As I cry myself hoarse.

So I'll grab my old brailler now,
Click, click, click, click,
It's a waste of good paper, now,
Click, click, click,
But it's time, now,
I'll get by some how
Or die as I try.

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