Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

Two Important Tributes This Week on Toews on the Waves

We have some very happy business and some very sad business to take care of this week on Toews on the Waves, and you won't want to miss it if you like to laugh, because I promise you that even the sad business will make you do just that.

For the first two hours, we will be celebrating the life and career of Dr. Demento, who turns 70 on Saturday. Though my show is nothing like his, and I wouldn't want it to be, there is no denying the influence he has had, and continues to have, on the kind of material I broadcast and listen to. So of course we'll play some of the biggest songs from his show, some of the songs he cites as influences, and your requests for demented material. If you have a memory about Dr. Demento, why not share it with the rest of us. The best ways to do this are either with a voice tweet, an MP3 file e-mailed to me, or just by calling the Toews on the Waves request line at 206-203-3070. Please just remember that we keep it clean on Toews on the Waves, so please make your requests family friendly.

Last Saturday, very sadly, marked the passing of another personal hero of mine, the incomparable Roger Abbot. For decades, Roger was a huge part of the Royal Canadian Air Farce comedy team. He and his Air Farce colleagues made me laugh through my teens and my adult years, sometimes when no one else could. I want to celebrate Roger's career by playing some great routines from the radio show which feature him. I'll be laughing with a tear in my eye on Saturday during the last hour of Toews on the Waves.

If you want to make a request for the show, please feel more than free to do so. All the usual channels of communication are wide open and ready to be used. The e-mail address is The Twitter username is @brucetola: text and audio tweets welcome And the Toews on the Waves request line is at your service. That number is 206-203-3070.

The show starts on Saturday at 5:00 PM Eastern and runs for three hours, and can be heard only on the Home of the Fun Guys,

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