Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

Beating the Heat

It was a very hot summer in August and early September. A few weeks ago, the temperature got into the high thirties. I know in some parts of the southern United States, the upper thirties (upper nineties in Fahrenheit) is nothing to bet bent out of shape over, but here in Canada, that's ... darned hot.

I must be getting older. Back when I was young and invulnerable, temperatures didn't phase me. But boy, they phase me now.

So thankfully, as of yesterday, the heat has finally broken, though you'd never guess it by sitting in my cubicle. However, when the day is done and I head home, I will be stepping out into an environment which is currently at 11.8 degrees and dropping. Yee-hah! I am so thankful.

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