Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

Smile a Little Smile With Me on Toews On the Waves

This las week has been a week of turmoil, disappointment, even pain for many people. A lot has simply happened, and much of that has been negative.

This week on Toews on the Waves, I want you to help me in the battle against negativity. I want to know from you, what songs make you smile? Songs make us smile for any number of reasons: they may be funny; they may be happy; they may be silly; they may evoke some special memory of a person, place, time or thing; the way the song is performed may fill you with a sese of peace and well-being; or the song may just make you smile for a different reason entirely, or perhaps for no discernible reason at all. Whatever the reason, if you find a certain song makes you smile, I want to hear from you and play that special song for you. It doesn't matter what the style, it doesn't matter when it was recorded; my family-friendly rule applies, but that's it. If you have a song that makes you smile, I want to know about it and play your song for you, if at all possible.

For starters, I've loaded up my playlist with a whole bunch of my favorite songs. But your choices come before my own, so I'll gladly throw out my playlist in exchange for your special songs. Together, we'll counter that negativity, the disappointment, the sadness, the pain, with fun, with friendship, with smiles.

To make your request, to say hi, to let me know you're listening, all of the usual channels apply. You can e-mail me at, you can send a tweet via Twitter to @brucetola, or you can call the request line at (206) 203-3070.

So join me tomorrow as we combat negativity and just have a lot of fun together. You're all most welcome, and I sincerely look forward to spending three hours with you. The fun starts tomorrow, Saturday, at 2:00 PM Eastern, 11:00 AM Pacific, 7:00 PM in the UK, only on the incredible Home of the Fun Guys,
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