Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

I'm A Poet and I Didn't Realize It

Friday morning has arrived,
I at my desk am sitting,
This day should really be a blast,
I think it would be fitting.

My volunteers are all lined up,
There've been no cancelations,
The book's not great, but it's not bad,
I have high expectations.

At lunchtime Allison will try
To call me on the phone,
And if it works, oh boy, then I
Won't have to be alone!

The Bombers play tonight, yahoos,
I'll listen to the game,
It's guaranteed they'll likely lose,
If all things stay the same.

And now I must get on with work--
No paycheck if I don't,
My duties I must never shirk,
And so, I guess, I won't.
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