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Bruce, Caroline

Why Not? My First Live Journal Entry

So why does a guy with no discernible life start a Live Journal? This question has plagued me for seconds now, and in all that vast amount of time, I have not come up with a remotely good answer, so I'll give up on that and just go ahead and post to my Live Journal ... which, if I read my screen correctly, is what I'm doing anyway. I'm on holidays now from work, and have decided to just take two weeks to have no real plans. Don't you wish you were me? Or maybe you wish you were *with* me ... I'd buy the pizza.


Hi Bruce, this is Deb! (grin) We can share a slice of virtual pepperoni.

I received your OGTS e-mail and was excited to hear you have a Livejournal. I do too...my username is castaveron. I've just added you to my friends list.

Do you plan on joining a "Hitchhiker" fans group?
Hey Deb! Great to see you on here too. I think this Live Journal stuff is going to be fun. I've been meaning to join the Hitchhiker's fan club. Sometime when I get around to it. We'll have to do the real pizza thing someting again ... this virtual stuff's okay, but it needs extra sauce.
And I'm leaving yo your first comment! Woot! Aw! Don't be lonely. I'm on skype. Hugs!