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Live in Atlanta

It was the spring of 1989. I had just gotten back to my dorm room after a double date with some friends, in which I realized, among other things, that I suck at mini-golf. But I was feeling pretty good about things: I'd gone out with the young lady in question, and apparently I hadn't made too big a fool of myself, as she was still talking to me.

Sometime ago, a friend had sent me a cassette (remember tapes?) by this Southern Gospel quartet called The Cathedrals. I had initially dismissed the tape as being something I wasn't interested in, and had laid it aside. But on this particular evening, I was feeling soo delighted with life that I decided I'd humor my friend by listening to the tape.

So I listened to it. Then I listened to it again, and again, and again. Before I knew it, it was morning, and I had become totally enamored with this tape. I played it for my parents, they loved it! The album was Live in Atlanta, and thus began an absolute love for this group and its music.

Over the years, I then had the privilege of seeing the Cathedrals (yes, Alison, I know, I'm blind, and so are you, but you know what I mean) live in concert several times, and meeting several of its singers, including the late George Younce, whom I consider a mentor for my own singing. Unlike so many of my heroes, I was able to meet these wonderful people. I attended a concert on their farewell tour in Toronto, thanks to a generous gift from my brother of a plane ticket.

Now it's 2006. I'd just gotten off a wonderful Skype conversation, and I was looking for a CD. I stumbled across a copy of Live in Atlanta and played it. All these years later, I was as inspired tonight as I was back in 1989. Following the live concert, on the CD, were a series of a capela hymns, which further inspired me. Among these is my favorite song of all time, "Great Is Thy Faithfulness".This has, for me, been more than just a trip down memory lane, it's been a huge source of encouragement to me, and it has renewed the hope in my heart that has been lacking these last few weeks and that only my God could restore. What a beautiful ending to a beautiful evening. Great is Thy faithfulness, indeed.

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