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Bruce, Caroline

If You Like My Commentaries

I love writing, and for some years now have maintained an Internet mailing list called One Guy's Thoughts. I'll be starting these commentaries up in September again. If you would like to read some of what I've written, all of the commentaries are archived at my home page, www.ogts.net.

If you would like to receive the commentaries in your e-mail, I assure you that the mailing list is entirely spam-free and your privacy and security are protected. Just send an e-mail to 1guysthoughts-subscribe@ogts.net and reply to the confirmation e-mail you'll receive. Alternatively, if you don't want any part of this, you need do nothing.



Mood Swings

I just leafed through your *MOOD* statements: bored, lonely, hungry, dejected, disgruntled, blech, morose, perplexed. Most are negative emotions, although you do have grateful, hopeful, accomplished in there. Do you find you most feel like writing when you are down?

Yes, I would like to Deb's LJ, too!


Re: Mood Swings

Yes, I use writing as a form of distraction when I've got a lot on my mind. I think I could do worse.