Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

Things I've Learned

Some practical tips inn life that I've garnered over the last few years. I came up with these myself, which means they're not very good:

1. The world owes you nothing, you owe the world everything.

2. Death is a part of life, live with it.

3. A good effort isn't enough in real life, no matter what the sociologists tell you.

4. Being by yourself is often a good thing. Being alone never is.

5. The past is over.

6. Don't fight a battle you can't win, don't fight a battle that will easily be won without your participation, and put everything you have into those battles where you can make a difference.

7. If you disagree with what a person does, with whom or how, the command to love thy neighbor still applies.

8. Don't expect someone with a different moral code to live by your morals. Don't force your moral code on them, lest one day their moral code be forced on you.

9. Giving your heart freely and unconditionally to someone who can't or won't give you their heart freely and unconditionally is a sure recipe for emotional suicide.

10. Be true to yourself. If you have a God that is true to you, this means being true to Him.

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