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I'm Bored

I must be bored. I found myself sitting by the radio for ten minutes listening to Live Audio Wrestling on CJOB. I hate wrestling. Then when the interview with some guy with a growly voice was finished, they told me that for a small monthly fee, I could subject myself to the whole ****ing thing, along with all their other infernal interviews, complete and uncut. I bet people would actually pay for that. Why is beyond me.

Then came the weather report, during which I was enraptured to find out that it's zero degrees out there. Then the commercials, during which I discovered that this city actually has a place called Winnipeg Door and Gate. I feel so bloody enlightened. Then it occured to me that if I continued listening I'd be subjecting myself to more of the wrestling crap, so I came here so I could tell you all about it, share the misery.

Not a bad day, all things considered, though. Ended the evening yesterday by talking with Allison for a couple of hours. Then this morning went out to visit my family for Thanksgiving dinner, which was tremendous. then came back here and read, and now here I am, feeling like a grain of salt in a bowl of sugar. New Corner Gas tomorrow. IT starts half an hour earlier, folks, so be warned.

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