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Bruce, Caroline

Starting to Discover LJ Communities

My friend Deb has been gently recommending for quite some time now that I start checking out LJ communities. Today's the day. I have so far discovered jack_benny and corner_gas. No idea how good these are, but here's hoping!


Good luck on your newly discovered communities. Some of them are really good and others are, sadly either dead or filled with a lot of pictures. I love the Special Agent Pendergast series, (comment if you want more info and I'll gladly share the love), and I found two related coms on LJ. Both are sadly dead.
But comunities are where I've also met some of my LJ friends--the 40something community has given me 4 or 5 of the neatest ladies, one of the Down Syndrome communities has brought me a neat lady with a wicked sense of humor, etc. Hopefully your newly discovered coms can flesh out your f-list. Keep smiling!