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Bruce, Caroline

I'm Gonna Get an Interview!

Just heard back from Donna Passey, and I'm going to be invited for an interview!Woo-hoo!


omg yay!!! i'm so happy for you!!
Thanks so much, so am I. I wanna celebrate! But how? Oh well, I'm so excited. I'm sure I can get this position if I'm given a chance.



Now, if you don't get this job, I will have a reason to smack you firmly. Or at least encourage you to move to Ottawa.

- James
Squeeeeeeaaaak! The contracted EA is implied. I'm so proud of you sweetie! Huge hugs!
Awww thanks. HUGE HUGS I am too, at the risk of sounding vain.
(sings purposefully badly) You're so vain, you probably think this LJ comment is about you. Lol! Hugs!
Woot woot! Congrats buddy! That's awesome!!