Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

It Pays to Pay Attention

You football fans will be able to follow me here. If you're not a football fan, hopefully my explanation will make sense anyway.

Fifty seconds from the end of the game. Bombers are ahead, but just by three points, but if they're careful they can run out the clock. Kevin Glenn, our quarterback, throws an interception. Edmonton runs it back to our twenty yard line, and with plenty of time on the clock, they are set up to score the game-winning touchdown. Can our defense hold? No, in this case, they can't. With fifteen seconds left to go, Edmonton scores the touchdown, and go ahead of the Bombers.

At this point, since I know there's no way the Bombers can salvage the game, I turn off the radio, say good-night to the person I'm chatting with online, and hit the pillow, content that we at least put in a good effort. But all was not over on the football field, as I was to discover this morning when I woke up.

So, we're back at the game. Edmonton has just scored a touchdown with fifteen seconds to go, putting them ahead of us. We need a touchdown, a field goal won't do it. Last play of the game, Edmonton is blitzing. Kevin Glenn hits Milt Stegal with a 100-yard hail Mary pass. Stegal runs the ball in for a touchdown (our field is 110 yards), and the Bombers snatch victory from what seemed, at least to this fan, like certain defeat. the upshot? A third of the way through the season, the Bombers' record is sitting at 4 wins, two losses. Given our record for all of last year was 5 wins, 13 losses, this turnaround season for the Bombers is nothing short of exciting to the power of exhilarating!

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