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Bruce, Caroline

Tomorrow's the Day

Tomorrow's the big interview day. So I'm going home tonight, and my goal is to be totally selfish, self-serving and as good to myself as I can possibly be in the wake of the interview. If anyone has any suggestions on how to be good to myself, now's the time for all good humans to come to the aid of the party.


  • Be good to yourself.

  • Don't do anything that will cause your mood to shift, that will upset you or get you down.

  • Don't talk to anyone or read anything or think of anything that will hurt you.

  • Mostly, keep good thoughts, pray, and know that you've got friends here backing you and hoping for you and sending good prayers, vibes, thoughts and positive energy.

Good luck! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Let us know how it goes when you can.
Good luck! I know that you'll do a great job.
You can always watch Corner Gas episodes since you really like that show.
Bruce - you freakin' ROCK!!! You are gonna nail that interview and then I'm going to make you treat me to more unlimited breadsticks at Olive Garden (GRIN) with your salary increase.
Hey, if I get the job, Deb, you're definitely getting treated to Olive Garden, that's something you can count on. I appreciate the encouragement.
I have some suggestions, but they're all very naughty. Lol! Hugs!