Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews


Okay, here's the deal. In exactly nine hours and twelve minutes, I'm scheduled for an interview at the Department of Education. I have wanted to work at the Department for over twenty years now. So I have one chance to prove myself. Can I? Will I? Allison has been a huge source of encouragement to me, as have numerous others via LJ, and I'm grateful to you all. I'm probably going to read for fifteen or twenty more minutes, then try and get some sleep. I plan to wake up at about five to nine, or maybe two to nine, make a wake-up call as promised, shave, make sure I have my clothing ready for the interview, then spend the rest of the time shaking and praying, not in that order, hopefully. I am so nervous. I've gone for so few job interviews in my time. My job interview for my current position consisted of a free meal at Dairy Queen in 1992 and a chat with my then-future, now-former boss.

Apparently I'm going to have to take a braille test. There's a subtle irony here, in that a good portion of the stuff I've proofread over the last few years was done for the very same Department of Education that I'm now doing a braille test for. go bleepin' figure. But, I suppose, protocol is potocol. Mind you, I was supposed to take a braille test for this job too, but that never materialized, I got the job and went straight into training. Here are the facts in my favor as I see them:

1. There aren't exactly dozens of people who have braille proofreader's certification.

2. Not all of those have pretty much ten years' solid experience.

3. Not all of those have a high level of competency in computers.

Working against me are a hearing loss, and my natural inborn ability to screw things up if given half a chance. I am going for hearing aids soon, I've been saving up, and there's realy nothing I can do about the second part. What I want now is a milk shake and a hug.

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