Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

The Interview

A lot of you have kindly expressed an interest in how the job interview went.

I arrived about fifteen minutes early, and was not kept waiting more than three or four minutes. Three people conducted the interview. Donna is the head of this particular branch of the Department of Education, Cheryl is head of transcription, and Natalie is with HR. The interview propper was actually quite straightforward. They basically just went through the job requirements, with which I was already familiar, and asked me questions about each. They then asked if I had any questions, and then we moved on to the braille test. One question I did ask them was if they could give me an indication as to how many people were being interviewed. Natalie gave me a very good answer, saying that all of the interviews were being conducted in one afternoon.

The braille test consisted of one page of braille, a tactile political map of Canada, and a yummy-looking tactile model of the human excretory system.I discovered, on returning to my office at CNIB and looking it up in the Code, that I had made at least one mistake on the braille test. I e-mailed Cheryl this information, don't know if that'll count for anything, saying that in a real proofreading situation, I would have consulted the Code book directly.
As far as my friend Lynne and I could tell, there were only two applicants, the other being the former proofreader at CNIB. She is a lovely lady, but in all honesty, I believe I would get the job before she did, partly because I am considerably younger, and in no small part because I have considerably more computer skills.

When I got back to CNIB, the dam burst, as it were. All the energy I had channeled into the interview process now needed an outlet, and for about two hours that outlet was a severe case of self-loathing and self-doubt. I was absolutely and unshakably convinced that I had lost the job to the other candidate, I felt like an absolute failure, and there was no consoling me. The wave passed, and I had an enjoyable evening's proofreading to make up for the morning when I stayed home in preparation. Then I spent several hours on Skype, which completed the job of restoring my equalibrium and putting my feet back on the ground. I'm stil awash with nervous energy, I haven't been able to get any sleep and I know this is going to cost me, but I feel very good about my chances. thanks to everyone who put up with my rants and ravings, my self-doubt, yada yada yada. But if I hear about people crossing their toes one more time ... I dont' know why there seems to be a universal toe fetish these days. Oh well. you guys are the best.

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