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Bruce, Caroline

I got the Job

I got the job. My last day here is next Friday, I start at the Department of Education on the 27th.


YES!!! i'm so happy for you! we all knew you had to be getting it, but it's great to hear the official confirmation! yay for you!!!
and you get a week off, not a bad deal!
Congrats! See...good things come to those who wait.

I knew it, I knew it!

Oh, this is so wildly fantastic! Congrats quadruple times 9! I knew you would get it! Oh I am so happy for you!
Now can you tell us a bit more? For instance, will your commute be longer? Is it more money, better benefits? What? Come on, spill!
Congratulations to you!
Let me add my congrats to you man. This rocks! and yes, before you ask, you deserve it. Be happy! You got it, you got it! woohoo!!!!
Squeeeeeaaaak! I'm so happy for you sweetie! Hugs!
Woot woot! That's so awesome buddy! I'm so happy for you!
Yes!!!!! Way to go! Glad you finally got an answer, and the answer you wanted!