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Bruce, Caroline

More on the Job

A lot of people have been asking for more job-related details, so here's the run-down.

For those who don't know, I am currently a braille proofreader at CNIB. This new position is with the Department of Education here in Winnipeg. My position is primarily one of braille proofreader there as well, but there is also a good deal of working with technology involved, and this is exciting, as I love playing with technology. The job pays about eleven thousand a year more than my current job pays. I'll be working very close to where I work now, more or less just across the street from here. I'm familiar with the place, as I had summer jobs there for three summers in the '90's. All in all, I'm thrilled.


again i say, "YAY"!!!
Thank you for the extra job related info! Good money, and a place where you do not need to worry about getting extra mobility? Very very very nice. Would this be considered a state or government job, because here in America it would be.
Yes, it would Just think, the government I've been mocking all these years now employs me.
Nice pay raise. Marry me. You know you want to. Hugs!
You're on. HUGS
Woot woot! Hugs!


your new job

we will miss you - but it is a well deseved appointment. All the best, Karen Taylor