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Parodies and Stuff

In case anyone's interested, I now have most of the parodies and so on I've written available online for downloading. I don't have a nice Web page set up for it, but that will come someday. In the meantime, the available songs, including two which I just recorded today, can be found at

Here is a brief rundown of the songs:

Stuck in the Middle With You (stuck.mp3): I wrote this one morning just before work in 2003. It occurred to me that we in Manitoba were in an awkward position: a SARS problem in Ontario to the east, Mad Cow Disease showing up in a cow in Alberta to the west, and here I was in Manitoba, kind of stuck in the middle.

Downtown (downtown.mp3): Just a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the city I love. Sam Katz is the mayor of the city, he owns the Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball club; the Moose are our hockey team, and Portage and Main is reputed to be the windiest street corner in Canada or North america or something.

Recliner (recliner.mp3) is a parody of Tom Jones's Delilah. It's not biographical, I just happened to be playing Delilah on my radio show once and this idea came to me.

Oh My Papa (papa.mp3): this is teh one serious song in the bunch, a tribute to my dad that I recorded for my radio show in May. It's a straight cover of the Eddy Fisher song. A capela.
Survive the Potholes (potholes.mp3): An a capela tribute to the potholes in this fair city of ours. Parody of Sweet Molly Malone.

The Definitive Country Song (definitive.mp3): My attempt back in 1994 to write one of those all-inclusive-type country songs. A capela.

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