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Bruce, Caroline

An Update

I think I need to build up a network of people I can just talk to, shoot the breeze with. I mean, I've got the world's greatest friends, bar none, as it is, but these people have lives, as do I, and there are just times when I feel like sitting at my computer BSing with someone over Skype or something like that. I'm not especially comfortable with guys, by and large ... all my life I've had many more female friends than male. I don't want to do the online singles thing ... I'm not looking for anything but people to talk to. Hmmm, it's going to be one of those weird-mood days ... not a bad day, I don't think, just a little weird.

An Olive Garden gift card I had mailed out last week finally arrived yesterday, nine days after my dear friend Peg mailed it from Chicago. But I'm led to understand that a good time was had by the card's recipient, and, as the old saying which I just made up goes, it's always nice to bring a little pasta and bread sticks into someone's life.

I had my CNIB exit interview yesterday afternoon. It was my chance to be frank about some things, say a few things I thought needed to be said. I hope I did so in a polite and respectful way, and I hope I was able to adequately reflect the genuine esteem and high respect I have for Sean, my boss.

What else? I fell asleep in my chair at home again last night. When I woke up I chatted on Skype for quite some time, after starting in on a new book to read. It's a humorous book of short stories about golf, if you can believe it. and I hate golf. But the book's a good one.

Well, volunteer's arrived, so I'm off. Take care everyone.


And then you'll be reading Harry Potter! Woot! Hugs!
You know it. Some hot young American student sent it to me.
She is hot, hot for you. Hugs!
And I for her. HUGS


Exit Interview

Hm-m-m-m. What did you tell Sean about?? Or was he already aware that CNIB does not cater to blind employees in the building? What IS an exit interview? Never heard of it. What is the purpose -- for them and for you? I'm sure Sean already knows how highly you respect him but it was nice to be able to tell him formally. An exciting time for you, Me Boyo! We are all tickled for you!!


Re: Exit Interview

I'd never heard of an exit interview either until this experience. Basically, some person from HR sits you down (or in this case, calls you on the phone) and goes through this series of questions where you say satisfied, neutral, or dissatisfied, and at the end of each section of the questionaire you can make additional comments. So Sean wasn't among those present, just me and the HR person on the phone.
thanks again for the gift card! we did indeed have a great time!! you're too nice! also yay exit interview! it's always nice when you get the chance to explain what you like and don't like about a place. it feels good to get it off your chest.
Indeed. There were a lot of important things I needed to get off my chest. Glad you enjoyed Olive Garden. It's one of my favorite restaurants.