Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

My Farewell Lunch

Well, after ten years' service, the CNIB chapter of my life officially closed today.

I arrived at 11:15 or so, and Sean let me into my old office. After never being able to get the temperature right in the place, today it was dashed comfortable. Go figure. I had nothing much to do, computer wasn't working, so I sipped a Coke (there's something new) and flipped through the last volume I'd started proofreading.

Brianna was my escort for the afternoon, and she showed up around 11:30, and we made our way into the board room. I chatted with the people as they showed up, and around noon the pizza arrived. As per my request, there was plenty of pep and bacon. Mmmm. And Sean had also added garlic toast for me, which was nice.

The surprise visit came from Greg, a former volunteer in audio with whom I'd worked, and still a good friend. I was about to apprise him of my current romantic status, as we both tended to do that while we worked together, but this proved unnecessary as he'd gathered the essentials from reading my LJ. Is my life such an open book? I suppose it is, so I filled him in on a few details. I received a wonderful, big, Lego set. I just need to lay my hands on about six or seven more of these and I'll be able to build the monstrosity I've always wanted to build out of Lego. Some of us are easy to please.

Sean's farewell speech was long and drawn out, lasting some fifteen seconds, and after I slept through that I gave my own speech, during which I made it a point of making fun of the new CNIB brand, which I abhor, but also thanking all my wonderful co-workers.

Then everyone slowly trickled out. Remember the last M*A*S*H movie, where everyone leaves slowly and finally the place is desserted? Or is it deserted? Anyway, that's how it felt. Eventually, I was sitting alone in the board room, thinking about some of the good times, and there were good times. I walked out, made my way downstairs, all the while listening to the business of CNIB being carried on and realizing I was no longer a part of it.

Thankfully my ride was there quite quickly after I went down, so I left. People really have been good to me there, and knowing that wonderful chair of mine is actually mine was quite a morale-booster for me.

I got home, got a very pleasant voice mail from Allison, called my mom, and chatted on MSN Messenger for a little while. And that brings me to the present. I think I'll slink off and watch the final M*A*S*H movie.

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