Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

A Little More Detail

Maybe a little more detail about my first day on the job would be in order here.
I arrived at work more or less when I wanted to. The driver of the cab had parked right by a light stand, which had collected a bit of ice, which I proceeded to slip on and in no time I was lying underneath the cab. I got out from there, eventually, fingers bleeding. And it was with this dignified entrance that I proceeded into the building. A very nice lady bandaged my bleeding fingers and I was on my way.
have a lot of getting used to to do. First of all, I'm in a cubicle, not an office. This is tough, because I'll feel as though I'm under constant surveilance. Next, I have zero administrative privileges with the computer they've given me. This is frustrating, because every little change I want to make to my system now must go through channels, even down to the creation of keyboard shortcuts for programs I frequently use. I'm used to having more or less carte blanche when it comes to making modifications to my desktop and so on that I feel would assist me.

Lunch was nice. I must say the people have all been very nice to me. Who knows how long this will last. A co-worker and long-time friend bought me lunch, a cheese dog and a bowl of really yummy chicken rice soup. Thanks, Virginia.

All in all, I feel way out of my element, I feel the smallest of all possible small fishes, and it's at times like this I really wish I had a wife I could come home to for support.

The middle finger of my right hand is throbbing, and I should try to get some more sleep. Among those who read this, I want to thank everyone who lent me their support last night, particularly Allison as always.

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