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Bruce, Caroline

Life Marcheth On

Well, today wasn't so bad. People left me alone for the most part, which is just fine with me, and when I did talk to people they were really nice, which is also just fine with me. Maybe I'll fit in at SMS yet. I know a lot of people are thinking of/praying for me, and I really appreciate it more than I can say. I know I've got it good. I'm a blind person in a good job with a good salary and good benefits, and that's not as common as it should be among blind people. The people are very nice to me, the work is something I can do. So why do I still feel like I've jumped off a cliff into a sea of Pepsi? Maybe it's partly because I don't see the point in stepping out of a job that I could deal with, living on a salary I could live on, into uncharted territory without someone to share the benefits with. I pray that changes soon.

Meantime, the job continues, I continue, and, as Douglas Adams says, reason notwithstanding, the universe continues unabated.

Speaking of Douglas Adams, I spent a little time tonight fiddling with the portion of the Krikkit song from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I canceled out the announcer talking over part of it. The result isn't what I'd call a perfect rendition of the song, but I defy anyone to do a better job with it.

So what does my future hold?