Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

Adventures in English

So my friend Tracy's a teacher near Edmonton. At least she was, I haven't seen her in about 18 years. Anysway, a kid comes in crying. "Mrs. Houck, Mrs. Houck, it's so terrible, Kyle called me a bad word!"

"Oh? What did he call you?

"It's too terrible, I can't say it, he used the G word!"

"Uh, what's the G-word?"

"I can't say it."

"It's all right, you can tell me. What did he call you? What G-word?"

"He called me a ... a ... he called me a jerk!"

Tracy decided that afternoon's class would concentrate on spelling.

I sent that story in to Paul Harvey, wo read it on the air. It created quite a sensation in her area, and she and her husband called to thank me for the publicity.

We're going to the Olive Garden tomorrow. Yummy, bread sticks!
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