Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

All In All, A Great Day

Work went quite well today. I proofread the wild, wacky and wonderful The World of Marketing, can't wait for the movie, plus a few cute short stories. This morning Sean arrived with my old chair from CNIB, along with some catch-up mail. After work it was off to Olive Garden with some of my nearest and dearest to celebrate the job. Everyone there had a major part to play in helping me land the job, and I was grateful and wanted to show my appreciation. A few phone calls, what looks like a failed attempt to install my second gigabyte of Ram, and now I'm way overdue for some sleep, but I had to start rectifying, or at least trying to, my error in not keeping up-to-date. I hope these daily or nearly-daily updates will start filling that void and acknowledging that there are wonderful people out there who care about what's happening with me. Good night everyone.

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