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DVD or not DVD?

Money is a horrible thing, what with its scarcity and all. I checked my account balance on Saturday after paying off my credit card bill. The good thing is that there is in fact a balance, and not a negative one. The bad thing? It wasn't the thriving, 8-digit balance I would've liked to see. Or six. Or even four. Note to any woman wishing to marry me, you're not marrying money. Or looks, for that matter. Brains? Maybe some. Good intentions, lots of those. But I digress (though any interested women may apply by e-mail, So what was I talking about? Oh yeah, money.

So I realized that some cost-cutting would be in order. Off to Amazon, to find out what open orders were not yet shipped. Two DVD sets, one of season 6 of the Flintstones, and one of season four of Hogan's heroes, both sets I'd really been looking forward to. There are donation links on my Websites, by the way. Just kidding. Well, no, there really are donation links, but I'm not asking for your money. Interested parties with money to burn may apply by e-mail: ... oh never mind.

I've decided that I will be purchasing one DVD set during the rest of the year: Corner Gas, that wonderful, illusive show, season 3, when it comes out on DVD. I miss Corner Gas dearly. Have I mentioned that in this LJ?

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