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Hi everyone. It's Wednesday. First break of the day.Can't wait to get home.

My mom called last night while I was talking to Allison, asked me what I wanted for Christmas. This year I actually had an answer for her: bed sheets. The ones I have now I've had since 1999, and they're starting to show the strain. I mean, when you slide your foot down the surface as you're crawling into bed, and your big toe snags on a hole in the sheet, this is a pretty good indicator that new bed sheets might not necessarily be such a bad thing.

I got to work this mornina and Aline, that angel of mercy, offered to fill my water bottle for me. I'm glad they have a water cooler here, because the water out of the fountain tastes ... metallic. Probably because I'm the only one stupid enough to drink out of it because I'm too lazy to trip over stuff finding the water cooler. Did that even begin to make sense? Oh well.

They've still got us using JAWS 7.1 here at work. I'm authorized for 8, but without administrative access there's no way I can install 8. But one of the disadvantages of 7.1 is that sometimes, when you're doing an LJ entry and you want to leave a blank line between paragraphs, you get bumped out of forms mode. For you sightlings who don't understand the lingo of screen readers, don't worry about it, it's really not that important.

Well, gotta text a message to my roommate. He's looking for an address. HAve a wonderful day, everyone. Feel free to e-mail.

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