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Well, it's approaching 2:30 in the morning. If I lie down and try to sleep, I can't breathe. This will put me in wonderful shape for work tomorrow. Anyone want a cold? I can let you have it cheap. So I'll just ramble a bit and then try to get some more sleep.

Did I ever tell you that once, many years ago, I had this dream that I'd invented powdered water? That's right, dehydrated water. You just add water, and ... I woke up, and for a good half-second I thought I'd nocturnally stumbled on the best idea of the century. But my then-prepubescent brain finally kicked in, and I realized that this idea has more than its share of flaws. For example, what would you package it in?

I dreamt last night that our (I was still living with my parents in the dream) toilet seat had broken, and my mom had tried fixing it, but attached it upside down. Where's Freud when you need an interpreter?

So the book I'm now reading at work is a kids' book about some Danish kid who is a part of the Resistance during World War II. The part describing how the Germans pulled out his fingernails and there's pus dripping out of his little finger was ... less than appetizing, but at least it's an easy read.

I'm desperately waiting for new episodes of Corner Gas. Withdrawal is a harsh thing to endure, as any other fans of the show will tell you. Allison and I have watched the whole season together, thanks to MP3's and the Net, which makes this a very special CG season.

I don't suppose Ma Nature would consider dumping eight or nine feet of snow on Winnipeg between now and 7:00 in the morning? Wel, it is cloudy outside according to Environment Canada, but I'd still have to (realistically speaking) put my request in the "not bloody likely" category.
Well, I'll try to get some more sleep. Maybe I'll dream up some solutions to the logistics issues regarding my evaporated water idea. Or maybe the nose fairy will come along and amputate my nose, leaving a decongestant under my pillow. Bye everyone.

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