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Bruce, Caroline

My Sesame Street Appearance in WMV Format

For anyone interested, my Sesame Street appearance is now available in WMV form for your viewing and laughing pleasure. I hope I've become a little more eloquent since then, when I was ten. Remember, this is pulled from an old videotape, so the quality isn't as sharp as it might otherwise be. But if a sighted person could please comment on picture quality, please do. You can download the WMV file here.


This is great. You sound good, you're not ineloquent at all. Was this only aired in Canada because I've never seen it aired here, and since I have two girls both of whom watched the street in their younger years, Daughter#2 stil will, I haven't seen this particular one. Thanks for sharing. You're cute!
Actually, it got a lot of airplay in the eighties. My dad's friend saw it in a Chicago hotel room, and a friend of mine saw it in Japan.
I need to get you a shirt that says "Big in Japan"...I've seen them online. You're internationally famous!!! I'll let you know if I see you (the child version of you, anyway) in the UK next week.