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Bruce, Caroline

Mor Christmas Gifts

Well, I got some more Christmas gifts yesterday from some wonderful people. My friend and former volunteer Lynne dropped by my office yesterday. She gave me a wonderful case of Coke (can't have too much of that), a really nice mug as designed by my friend Deborah Clague, and something called Thinking Putty, which is billed as a kind of silly putty for adults. Much bigger than the little egg of silly putty I used to get as a kid, it'll be lots of fun to play with.

My friends Laurie and Darren also gave me a season of M*A*S*H on DVD. This world is populated by jerks, but it's also populated by really wonderful people, and so many of my friends fall into the latter category.


That damn song! Lol! Hugs!
Your favorite little ditty, yes. HUGS