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Important Information As Through Life You March Along

Remember this stuff, it just might save your life. I don't know how, but it might. From the Nemeth mathematics course I'm taking:

The signs of grouping listed below must be used throughout a technical text both for literary and for mathematical material. The parentheses, brackets and braces of English braille must only be used to enclose literary material on title pages. Any sign of grouping not listed below must be devised using two or more braille symbols whose last cell is dots 12356 for the opening sign and dots 23786 for the closing sign. A transcriber's note must be included to explain the devised sign of grouping.

While signs of grouping most commonly occur in pairs, the text must be followed when only the opening or only the closing grouping sign is shown in print. No space should be left between an opening or a closing sign of grouping and the material which it encloses.

There, aren't you glad I told you?

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