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Has it ever occurred to anyone just how much of our life we spend waiting, waiting, waiting? We wait for the bus; we wait for our ride; we wait for someone to show up; we wait for friends to decide where they want to go for dinner; we wait for visitors to arrive; we wait for the clock to show 4:30 so we can leave the office.

And as blind person, I find there are always other things I'm waiting for too: I wait for the person who said they'd go grocery shopping with me; I wait to get a package redirected to my office so I won't have to go to the out-of-the-way postal outlet; I wait for a book I want to read from teh library for the blind. I wonder how much more packed our lives would be if we weren't waiting for people, things or decisions.

Does this stuff only occur to me? I await your answer.

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